21. september 2016

5. Oslo Tour – English

Oslo Tour 2018 presented by Latitude 64 is the leading pro/am tour in Norway, presented by the three clubs in Oslo. In 2018 will be four C-tiers throughout the year, and they all offer competitions of high value for players. With beautiful and challenging courses players of all levels will have the opportunity to challenge themself with some of the best PROs and AMs in Norway.

  • 26. May – Oslo Tour Muselunden
    • Registration start: 19. Mars – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard&ID=570354
  • 16. June – Oslo Tour Ekeberg
    • Registration start: 16. April – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard&ID=570358
  • 25. August – Oslo Tour Holmenkollen
    • Registration start: 18. June – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard&ID=570362
  • 8. September – Oslo Tour Stovner
    • Registration start: 2. July – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard&ID=570367

The goal of the tour is to focus on amateur golf in Norway, and to give them a tour which they can feel is ment for them. In 2017 more than 60% of the players where in amateur classes, which includes MA1, FA1, MA2 an MJ1 as well as FPO and MPO. Some fun facts from the 2017 tour:

  • 44120 throws combined for the whole tour
  • 10 aces
  • 163 different competitors
  • 18 different Winners
  • Several charity donations, including to Red Cross

Want to see what the fuzz is all about? We have a great partnership with Simen DiscGolf, which have filmed all the tournaments. Have a look at his Youtube channel.

The Tour is organized by Stovner Frisbeeklubb, Muselunden Frisbeeklubb and Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb, which is the homes of some of the best and nicest people in the sport in Norway. The tour will be held at the following dates:


Divisions for Oslo Tour, and the rating aquirements we demand for the competitiors:

  • Open Pro – Open for everyone
  • Advanced – Lower PDGA rating than 900
  • Recreation – Lower PDGA rating than 850
  • Open Woman – females of all ages and ratings
  • Advance Woman – rating up to 750
  • Junior – Everyone underneath 18 years old

Main sponsor of the tour in 2018

Latitude 64

Other partners include:

  • Guru Disc Golf
  • The Natural Born Disc Golfer
  • Aceshop

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at post@oslotour.no

From Oslo Tour Holmenkollen 2016.

From Oslo Tour Holmenkollen 2016.

From Oslo Tour Stovner 2016.

From Oslo Tour Stovner 2016.